Friday, June 5, 2009

Frugal Living Friday: Frozen Burritos

Welcome to Frugal Living Friday! Each week I will feature a tip that can help us stretch our budget and live more frugally! If you have a tip that you want shared on Frugal Living Friday, let me know and you could become a guest blogger for a day.

Here is a fast and frugal lunch or snack to have on hand in your freezer. Instead of purchasing frozen burritos in the store try making your own. I have a good recipe you can try. I made a bunch of these before I had my baby for my husband to use in his lunches.

1 lrg can refried beans
1 lb ground beef or turkey
1 12 oz taco sauce
small can chopped green chilies
grated cheese
flour tortillas

Brown hamburger. Add beans, taco sauce, and chilies. Roll 4-5 TBL in each flour tortilla. Sprinkle with cheese. Wrap up tight. Wrap in plastic wrap and freeze. When ready to eat, place in microwave. Top with sour cream, salsa, etc.

I like to wrap my burritos doing the sides first so they stay folded nice and neat and the filling doesn't come out.

Nice and neat!

Then I labeled them and stuck them in the freezer. It's a quick and easy item to have on hand.



Rachelle's site said...

Looks good! Think I'll make some before my baby gets here.

Kellie said...

I am going to attempt to make a few weeks worth of freezer meals before my baby gets here and I am feeling a bit at a loss where to start! This is a great idea and think I will start here, thanks! Hope you are adjusting well and every one is happy and sleeping ;)

Shana said...

Awesome idea. I never really cared for the storebought kind, but homemade I could totally do. Thanks, Marne! Hope you're feeling well!

Aundrea said...

these look yummy! can't wait to try it out...i love freezer meals but have a hard time with variety. Thanks!

Christine said...

Great idea, but you definitely made making these look/sound alot easier than it was for me, maybe I'm just "special". :)

Marne said...

What was your struggle Christine? Can I help with anything?

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