Thursday, June 18, 2009

Any brand dairy coupons for Idaho and Utah

At, you can print off some great dairy coupons for any brand! These are only available it seems for Utah and Idaho areas. Here are the coupons you get:

$1-Off Any Brand Cheese (2 lbs or more)
$.75-Off Any Brand Milk (1 gallon or 2 half-gallons)
$75-Off Any Brand Yogurt (1 32 oz or 4 yogurt cups)

Print from the coupon bar up at the top of my blog or from the links here.


Ashlee said...

Awesome. Coupons for milk. I love it!!

Stacy said...

Are others still having issues with viewing your blog? My IE wants to shut down every time I open this site.

Marne said...

Stacy...yes. I have been working on it but I still am having problems with IE. Use FIrefox or another browser for now. Sorry for the inconvenience! I will hopefully get it figured out soon.

Brian and Lindsay said...

I've never had any problems with IE. Guess I'm lucky!

Corona's 2 VS 4 said...

Just email the coupon to yourself, that's what I did :)

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