Monday, May 4, 2009

Walgreens EasySaver Program is being discontinued

I am so sad about this! I have been hearing rumors about Walgreen's stopping their EasySaver rebate program...and YES, it is true. Go to their website for all the details.

I am going to miss their rebate program that I have participated in for the past six years. It has really blessed my family and helped my build up my emergency storage for nearly nothing! However, they are saying that they will be doing new loyalty programs with great incentives.

Is anyone else sad about this?


Kelly said...

totally sad, especially since I just got it figured out!

TravisandLaineeRead said...

hey I just wanted to say thanks so much for making this blog! I love looking on here and finding deals! I think it's my new! Anyways thanks so much

Holly said...

Yep, I'm bummed. And, at my Walgreen's, RRs don't print if you've used a MQ. For a lot of things, it's not worth it anymore if you can't use the MQ. Sigh. I wish we had a Right Aid or CVS.

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