Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Albertson's Trip

I wish my camera was working better to take a photo of everything I purchased tonight. After I took a photo of my receipt my camera started freaking out. So no photo of food, sorry! I spent $58 out of pocket, but I also got a $10 catalina back! So it's like I spent $48. And I got a TON of stuff! Not the best savings I have ever had but still VERY good, especially considering what I bought:

SOBE life water (free with coupon)
Capri Sun 10 packs (2)
Tree Top Juice (2)
Kelloggs cereal boxes (7)
Albertson's 32 oz cheese blocks (2)
Mountain High Yogurt tubs (2)
Breyers ice cream (4)
lunch meat package (1)
head of lettuce
bunch of bananas
Listerine Smart Rinse (1)
Bandaids 80 ct boxes (5)
Carefree pantiliners 60 ct (2)
Tylenol pain reliever 50 ct (1)
Visine drops (1)

Shopping at Albertson's WITH coupons saves so much more money than going to even Walmart on a regular basis! I love it!

Here are all the details on the deals this week: (the BBQ sauce/Kraft mac and cheese deal I posted about a few days ago is included)

GO HERE for the printable shopping list (with printable coupon links included)
GO HERE for the current catalina deals and more printable coupons


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