Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free dinner at KFC

Thank you OPRAH!

Today ONLY (until 9:59 PM) you can print a coupon for a FREE KFC 2 piece grilled chicken meal.

You can print it until 9:59 PM tonight, May 5th. The coupon is good through May 19th.

You can print 2 per computer. YAY for free dinner, courtesy of Oprah!


Ashlee said...

Marne, this is a pdf coupon. Can pdf really be legitimate?

Jenny and Travis said...

The terms of the coupon that I read said that you could download 4 coupons, so I did. And it looks like other printable coupons, so hopefully its legit.

Ashlee said...

The number would be the same on all of the coupons. How does that work?

Marne said...

It will be interesting to see what happens. PDF file coupons like that can really be abused, esepcially since they have the same number on them.

I was able to print 3 coupons from the original link off the page that both have different numbers. I am going to stick with those. I personally wouldn't use the same pdf file coupon multiple times at the restaurant since photocopying is illegal.

This might be a big mess waiting to happen....

Brian and Lindsay said...

My husband and I were going to attempt to use our coupons last night. We went to KFC and there were a couple people ahead of us who had the coupons as well. The girl at the cash register told them that they would have to wait at least half an hour for their food. Her reason...they were getting the food for the "people who were actually paying for their meals." I couldn't believe, mostly because it wasn't like there were 50 people in the restaurant waiting for their meals, and in the five minutes I was standing in line, I saw them carry out at least five full trays of cooked chicken, so I don't think they were backed up. Then the casheir told the person in front of me the same thing. That person said, well we are going to order other stuff too and the cashier still said they would have to wait at least 30 minutes! My husband and I left.
Then, the kicker, the person who had been in front of me is a coworker of mine. She told today that while they were waiting for their food that "they were actually paying for," a good looking guy was at the register and sweet talked the cashier into not making him wait for his free meal!!
Maybe we'll go back in a few days and see if the wait is not quite so long!!

Ashlee said...

That is so ridiculous. You should have told her manager how unprofessional she was being.

Marne said...

I always find it amusing to see how rude some cashiers and employees can be when it comes to customers using coupons, espeically free ones. GET OVER IT is what I want to tell them. Sorry you had such a bad experience...good luck on your next trip. I am planning on using ours this weekend, on Saturday.

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