Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cheap kids Pepto at Walgreens

If you need to get some children's Pepto there is a decent deal at Walgreen's this week, especially if you have past Register Rewards to use.

They are on sale for $5.49 each. If you purchase 2, you get a $5 RR back. If you purchase 3, you get a $10 RR back.

I also had 2 $1/1 coupons from a P&G booklet I got in the mail, so I used those as well as past RR on my purchase. I also had to use filler items to use my RR (since I had a coupon for each box of Pepto, the RR have to have an item to attach themselves to) and I bought cheap chocolates by the register.

My total was .70 for both boxes, plus I got a $5 RR back. Not too bad. :)

Even if you don't have coupons for the Pepto, use your past RR on them to get a good deal. I love having medicine on hand when the kids are sick, and I don't have to pay full price at the store.

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