Friday, May 15, 2009

.49 Electrasol at Fred Meyer

If you haven't used your $2.50/1 coupon for Electrasol from a few weeks ago, don't forget to use it this weekend! It expires tomorrow.

Fred Meyer would be a good place to use it. They have Electrasol on sale for $2.99 a box, so you can get it for only .49 cents!

Thanks Tiffani for alerting me to this!


l said...

Yep, I got 7 of them the day the AD broke!

Tami said...

If you don't have Fred Meyers...then do you have a Smiths? They are the same...same deals - so get your Electrasol there! Hurray!

Monica said...


Have you had your baby? Thanks for this post I used one of my coupons at Rite aid last month with the rebate but wanted to use the other one still!

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