Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Target 4/26-5/2

Are you a Target shopper like I am? Walmart is really starting to drive me crazy (not just as a couponer, either). But that is another post entirely...

Anyway, there are some FABULOUS deals at Target this week! Check out Rachel's post on the deals and even some shopping scenarios.

Happy Target shopping!



LeeAnn and Boys said...

I'm sooo curious about your Walmart feelings. I have a little love/hate relationship with it too. Here in my part of the woods their stocking is horrible. I went last night to get a few things and couldn't find half the stuff (I had to be picky about the items because I was couponning). Hmmmmm sooooo curious.

Marne said...

Yes, stocking is part of the problem here too. They never have what I need in stock. And they have stopped carrying several things I used to buy there (Great Value brand items to name a few). They hardly have any choice anymore with items, ether. I went to Target and Walmart back to back last Saturday. Walmart had 2 things on my list, Target had all of them. And the price difference was minimal..we are talking pennies here. I was looking for some file organizers for my counter and Walmart had 2 types to choose from, Target had 7, and just what I was looking for. Walmart has been like this for awhile here. Ours don't accept printable coupons anymore and coupons are treated like you are trying to get away with something many times. Target has better customer service also.

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