Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quicken Online

Quicken is the #1 best=selling personal financial software helping millions of customers manage their money.
Free Quicken Online automatically categorizes your expenses.

I personally have used Quicken for 10 years to manage our personal and business finances and budget our money. We trust Quicken and I have loved using it. What is great now, is that Quicken Online is now free! See where your money is going! It just takes minutes to sign up, and you can download your financial information anytime. Try it out before you buy.



Kris said...

Thanks for sharing. We are a Quicken family and I absolutely love the program.

Doran & Jody said...

Do you know if this replaces the computer program? I replaced my laptop and have not reinstalled my Quicken yet. Would I need to to use this?
I got online and signed on but I couldn't figure out how to add more checks without having them "go through the bank" yet. Hmm..

Marne said...

I'm not sure Jody. Since I have the actual Quicken program I have not used Quicken online myself, but I have been told by others it is easy to use. I'm sure it doesn't have all the features as the program does. They probably give you a taste of it with the free program so you know what you can get before you buy. That's my guess.

I have always found their customer service to be helpful. :)

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