Sunday, April 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: April 13

This week I will only be around for 3 dinners! I am taking a trip to see a friend for three kids! I have such a great hubby. :) My dear friend and I get together at least once a year for girl time. I am planning the meals for him while he is gone however...makes things easier. I only have 6 weeks until my baby comes (or sooner, I guess you never know) so this will be a nice trip for me. are my plans for the week:


TUESDAY: Mexican Manicotti (I never got to this one last week)

WEDNESDAY: Tacos & veggies (dinner with family visiting)

THURSDAY: Homemade Pizza, carrot sticks

FRIDAY: Breakfast for dinner!

SATURDAY: Ravioli, hot dogs/sausages on the grill, smoothies


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