Friday, April 24, 2009

Frugal Living Friday: Fabric Softener Sheets

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Do you buy fabric softener sheets like Bounce? I do. I like them better than using Downy in my washer. But did you know that there are so many more uses for fabric softener sheets besides using them in the dryer? Plus, each sheet is good for more than one use. Don't ever just use them once then throw them away. Here are some additional ways I use my fabric softener sheets to help me get more for my money!

1. I put them in the bottom of my garbage cans (under the liners) to keep them smelling fresh & keep odors at bay. It really works!
2. After I have used one sheet in the dryer a few times I use them to dust the tv and clocks in my bedroom. It helps the dust stay away longer.
3. Using the used sheets as "swiffer dry cloths" when I sweep my floor. (mostly in the bathroom)
4. I always use my softener sheets at least 3 times in the dryer before using them on something else.

Check out these links for many more uses for dryer sheets!
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How do you stretch the life of fabric softener sheets? Have any of you made your own dryer sheets?


Tami said...

I had NO idea you could use them more than once!! Yeah! And I love your other uses...I would have NEVER thought of those. Thanks for the great ideas. You are amazing!

Brit said...

I have no ideas to share as I didn't even know of these and they are fantastic ideas. Thank you!

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