Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Restaurant.com Deal!

Restaurant.com is offering another great deal! Order $25 worth of gift certificates and save 70% with the code SAVE. You will only pay $3!

Save 70% Off with every order of $25 Gift Certificates. Use code SAVE and pay $3 thru 3/31/09.

If you are curious as to how restaurant.com works, you browse through your local area to see what restaurants are participating. Then you can order gift certificates to that restaurant. Most places require a $35 minimum purchase, so after all is said and done you will end up spending around $15 for a dinner for two. Not too bad at a nice restaurant!

I know many people who like giving these as gifts too!


Momza said...

Thanks so much for this post! I went to their site and got 4 coupons for a restaurant I've been wanting to try...$100.00 worth of coupons for $12.00!!
You totally made my day!!


Marne said...

Yay! You are welcome. :) How are you guys liking your new area where you live now?

Tara said...

I would just caution you that these are more like 'coupons' than gift certificates as they dictate minimum purchases in order to qualify to use the certificates. I received $300 to spend on Restaurant.com and printed 'bought' some gift certificates. I was totally excited and printed them off and took them with me on a vacation. The fine print reads that you can only use 1 per visit and more restrictions. Just know upfront all of this and you may be fine. I actually have not been able to use any yet. Bummer.

Marne said...

Yes, like Tara said, you cannot expect to use more than one certificate on a meal. But there are no hidden restricitions...they are all laid out on the website. Just read them for the restaurant you want to purchase the certificate for.

Mindy Sauther said...

Thank you! I just purchased $40 for $3.60! Thanks for looking out for us. I love your blog!

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