Friday, March 13, 2009

More FREE Johnson's Buddies soaps!

Thanks Rachel for letting me know about this!

The Johnson's Buddies soap coupons have been reset! Use these printable coupons to score FREE Johnson's Buddies soap. These are at Walmart, Target, and Kmart as far as I know and usually priced at about .99-$1. My Walmarts are no longer accept printable coupons so I don't go there to get them.

$1/1 (Internet Explorer) printable coupon (Firefox) printable coupon
$2/2 (Internet Explorer) printable coupon (Firefox) printable coupon
$2/2 (Internet Explorer) printable coupon (Firefox) printable coupon
$3/3 (Internet Explorer) printable coupon (Firefox) printable coupon



Smith Family said...

I just tried to use these at Target and they didn't work. The cashier first said that I could only use one coupon because they say "limit one per purchase." I asked if that meant one per item and she said that it meant per transaction. I was fine with ringing them up separately. But it still didn't work. She said it was because the soaps were cheaper than a dollar and they couldn't give me back more than they cost. I said I didn't care if I lost the few cents. She got a manager and the manager said that she could only take off 97 cents per coupon because that's what they cost. I said, "You mean one per item." She said no. The coupons should have said buy one get one free. What in the world???? So I didn't get them! Have you had success with these coupons?

Marne said...

First of all, most cashiers are ignorant when it comes to coupon language. "One per purchase" means one per item. "One coupon per transaction" means one coupon for your entire order. If you get hassled about this you can always ask for a manager. I don't have problems doing multiples usually.

Second, Target's coupon policy states that they will accept internet printable coupons ONLY if they scan. I'm not sure why these didn't scan. See my category at the top of my blog that gives the entire coupon policies for all the stores. Print them off and carry them around with you.

Third, some stores will adjust the price of the coupon to match the item, and some won't. When I am purchasing items like this I always have other items in my order so the small overage will adjust onto those items. Walmart usually is better with this than Target. What is really interesting to me is that the last time I used these internet printables I also had 3 Johnson's Buddies coupons from the newspaper. They were also for $1/1. That Target store had no problems with the newspaper coupons but they did with the internet printables, even though they were all for the same amount.

It sounds like the cashier and the manager you had just didn't know what she was doing! Try Walmart next time. Sorry!

Smith Family said...

Thank you! I went to Walmart and had no problems! I went to another Target later, and they were limiting the number you could get to 4. I'll seriously only go to Walmart from now on for coupons like these that end up making the product free! Thanks for your help!

Kim said...

I'm not able to get these to print again. It still says that I have reached my limit. Any suggestions? Also, I was unable to use the $3/3 coupon for the Buddies because it specifically says "excluding 4oz". Have you been able to use these?

Marne said...

Hi Kim!

If you have already printed these then yes, you cannot print them again. Most printable coupons have a limit to 2, until they are reset. You can always print more from a different computer, however.

I personally have not tried the $3/3. I don't need anymore of the soaps. But you are absolutely correct. If it says excluding 4 oz then those won't work on the smaller soaps.

Matching up coupons correctly is an important part of coupon ettiqute (sp?). Thanks!

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