Tuesday, March 24, 2009

$4 printable coupon for any Pace products!

Thanks to The Freebie Blogger for alerting me to this!

CLICK HERE for a printable coupon for $4 off any Pace product!! Awesome! Expiration date is 5/8/09. Coupon is from smartsource.com. It may take time to load, so be patient.

Don't forget to print it twice!


April said...

Marne, I went to Albertson's last night and they told me about their new policy for coupons.

They told me online coupons can't be over $2 and they are no longer accepting competitors coupons- and you can only do 2 transactions at a time- so when they do the $15 off $30 type stuff you can only do it twice in one shopping trip.

He was telling me a lot of new policies but I forgot- but he said they just had a corporate meeting yesterday-

maybe you can find out all the details better than I can.

He said the policies were the same for all albertsons cross the board.

Tami said...

That link let me print it 8 times! It made me wonder what happened to the print limit?! So where can we use these if Albertsons doesn't take a printable coupon for more than $2? Hmmm...Walmart maybe?

Jen said...

When I click the like it says the page is unavailable right now. I anyone else having problems with it? We love Pace Salsa at our house so I would love to get some of these coupons.

jill s said...

yes...i can't get the page to come up either! i keep trying though! lol

Marne said...

April....I knew that about the competitor coupons, but I was not told of any restrictions on internet coupons. The only restriction I know about with internet coupons is that they cannot be for a free item. I still think it varies between stores even though they say it doesn't because the stores here still take Walgreens RR and in Utah they don't.

I would just check with your local store to see.

Tami...our Walmarts here don't take internet printables, but check with yours and if they do, use it there.

Jen and Jill...keep trying! There has been a huge response to this printable coupon. I will see what I can do about fixing the link.

Tami said...

Walmart took it but only for the price of the salsa. So get the BIG jars of salsa! Tonya's Walmart took it and gave her overage...so she bought other groceries too. No stores here do that though. But I got 8 jars of free salsa! Alright! For those that didn't get it to work - salsa is on sale at Albertsons for .70 each - great deal!

Keri said...

Did they take it down? It doesn't seem to be working and I even went to the smartsource.com website.

Marne said...

Yes, it appears the coupon is no longer available. I'm not surprised since it was posted all over the internet on various websites. But it might come back, like the Huggies coupons did. I will keep everyone posted!

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