Monday, February 2, 2009

Walgreens Deals

There are some great deals at Walgreens this week! Some of the free after rebate deals last all month. My Walgreens was already out of the Revlon Age Defying foundation and concealer that is free after rebate. I will go back for that later in the month. The Hershey candy deal is this week only.

For everything pictured here, I paid $27.96 out of pocket. I will be getting back $25.47 in rebates at the end of the when all is said and done I will have paid $2.49 for everything pictured here! Awesome! This is a good time to stock up on some cold/flu medicine. It's an important part of your food storage. My expiration date is a year and a half away.

Here are the deals I got this morning:

#12 Triaminic or Theraflu 2/$10 - $6 rebate = 2/$4
Theraflu Product, any $1.50/1 (3-31-09) SS-1/4
Theraflu Product, any $1.50/1 (3-31-09) SS-12/7
Theraflu $1/1 printable at
Theraflu $2/1 printable

I used two $2/1 printable coupons on both of my bottles, so they will be free after rebate! Just make sure your Walgreens takes printable coupons. Mine does. I chose the Theraflu on this deal, but there are also Triaminic coupons out there if you want Triaminic. If you want to see the Triaminic deal instead, look HERE.

#35 Hershey's bag candy 8-9.6oz - buy $10, get $5 rebate
Hershey's Valentine Chocolate bags $1.89 (7-day coupon) shows Kisses and Reese's
Buy 4 = $10 - 7-day coupon (.61 each) - $5 rebate = $2.56 for 4 bags (.64 each)

#1 Zucol Cold Care Lozenges 18 pack $7.99, Free after Rebate
COUPON OPTIONS: $2/1 printable

#3 Fructis Wonder Waves shampoo, conditioner or styler $3.99, Free after Rebate
COUPON OPTIONS: Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any excluding trial size $1/1 (2-9-09) RP-11/9
Garnier Fructis Style product, any excluding trial size $1/1 (2-9-09) RP-11/9
Garnier Fructis Style Product (excluding trial size) $1/1 (5-1-09) RP1-1/4

#6 ThermaCare Trial Size Heat Wrap, $2.49, Free after Rebate


These are the only deals I got...and there are lots more! For a complete list of the weekly deals at Walgreens with coupons and prices, go HERE. For Walgreens monthly rebate booklet in PDF file format, go HERE. If you have question on how Walgreens works with coupons and rebates, go HERE.


Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing. I did RR last week but haven't done the ESR yet. I think I will give it a try this month. Thanks for all your knowledge.

Marne said...

You are welcome! You can use your RR (Register Rewards) towards you prucahses this week if you like. Also remember that Albertson's takes them as well. They view them as competitor coupons.

Taylor said...

I found your site off a link of a fellow blogger...and am soo grateful. I went to Walgreens yesterday and got all the same deals you did and then some. I'm so excited that I am telling EVERYONE I know.

I also plan to go today to try out the FREE (my favorite word BTW) redbox movie rental.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marne said...

You are welcome Taylor! Glad you are getting some deals. I love FREE too! :)

Ras Family said...

I found your link off a fellow blogger. LOVE your site! I have never done the Walgreen's thing, but am going to try it today! (Wish we had Albertson's in Iowa.) THANKS for sharing!

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