Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Albertson's Sale Results

***Note: I combined my two posts of the Albertson's sale details and my results. The new combined post can be found directly below. I kept this post on because of the comments that were here previously. All info that was here before is now on the post below. Thanks!***


Rachelle's site said...

Awesome! I need to save my coupons and shop like you!!

Shannon said...

That sale was AWESOME! I was the girl in line early Weds morning with 2 carts. I should have introduced myself but I was a little flustered. I was breaking the cashier in on the sale. I didn't get in on the diapers till later in the week because they didn't know and I bought a box and a little pack and it didn't work. So I didn't think they were on special. Then I had to play the calling game and run out when anyone got diapers. I live in Autumn Faire and just got into this and love it! I have saved so much money. I found your blog from Ami's. I love it! You give great tips and I am always checking in. Keep it up!

Marne said...

Hi Shannon! Now I know your name when I see you. :)

Also, Albies is having a great Quaker sale this week. Purchase items in groups of 4, get $2 off your order. Combine with coupons and the deals are sweet! Here is what I got today:

24 boxes High Fiber Instant Oatmeal
6 canisters plain oats
7 boxes Simple Harvest Oatmeal
7 boxes Life Cereal
20 boxes granola bars

All for $37!

Holly said...

Awesome! I hit it up and did pretty well. I didn't get nearly as much as you did though. I'm definitely doing the Quaker one this week.

Shannon said...

Great Job! I love our Albertsons. I went in this afternoon and it was well stocked. The cashiers are nice and helpful. Go to albertsons.com and you can print out a $1 off wild harvest and get some free canned beans with the sale. I have a couple questions for you because you know WAY more than me.
I bought some 5 diapers because they were out of 4 and the cashier said I could exchange them next week for the right size when they had them. Is that a big deal to take things back and exchange? Do they frown on it or is it a big deal? I hope not because I think I will be stocked for diapers till I'm done. Next I was wondering about Walgreens and their rewards program. I have never done it.
Is it easy or a pain? I would love to know more about how to do Walgreens. Last I was wondering about your free samples on the side. I entered to get some and have only gotten a small sample from Dove back. It did come with some great coupons. Does it take awhile? Thank you for your wisdom and this great blog!

Marne said...

Hi Shannon,
First, I don't think it is a big deal to exchange, as long as it is done honestly. You asked and they said you could so I think it's okay. I just don't believe in taking advantage of the system and buying a bunch of diapers with the intent to do that later, know what I mean?

Free samples can sometimes take up to 8-10 weeks to arrive, so don't be too anxious! When you start signing up for a lot of them you will start getting a pretty steady stream coming in. When you sign up it usually tells you how long it will take to receive it.

As for Walgreens, yes..it is easy! I have info on that here on my blog. Click on the Rebates category and the Walgreens 101 category on the sidebar. If you still have specific questions I can answer them. Since you live by me I can even take you shopping to show you if you like. It is really easy!

Shannon said...

Thanks for answering my questions.

I actually didn't even think about exchanging until she suggested it. I had been calling around to find diapers and they told me when they would be there. I showed up 15 minutes after the time they said they would be unloaded and only 1 pack of 4s were left. They must of unloaded them earlier. I told them very nicely I called and this was when they said to be here and that is when they suggested it. They also told me about the wipes and I stocked up on them. Now that was the store on 5 mile and Ustick. Then today when I was in our Albertsons I asked the cashier she said I don't see why not. But that is why I asked you because it does seem fishy. I would hate for them to feel like I am taking advantage. Maybe I will drive out to 5 mile to do it so I don't bug our store. What do you think?

I will read up on your Walgreens blog and see if I understand. If not I may take you up on the shopping trip. It would be great to see hands on.

OK, I will keep trying for those free samples.

Thanks again!

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