Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free Photo Book from Snapfish

This was on Oprah today! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Shipping is $6.99

(I'm thinking Christmas gift here....)

Snapfish offer

The credit needs to be added to your account by the 14th, and purchased by the 16th. So hurry!

UPDATE: This offer has been extended until Nov. 22 at 11:59 pm.



Hilarie said...

Awesome deal! Thanks for sharing! Btw, I've loved your blog I think I saw it first from a friend of mine.. who knows anymore!!

Marne said...

It is an awesome deal! Yay for free!

Tisha Lou said...

Sweetness! I started working on mine!

Marne said...

I am doing a book of my boys' artwork, like the example I saw on Oprah. Clear up clutter and get a great deal at the same time. So far the book is lookin' great! The boys will love it.

Chris said...

Marne, we tried to order our book today. The free book offer was on Chris' account yesterday but it is not there today and we can't see anything about the extension of the offer either. Did you get an email about it?

Hilarie said...

I did see somewhere that you had to have requested the book by Friday, but I am happy about the extension!!

Also I wanted to see if you knew about the deals on kodak. kodak codes tryus1,tryus2, tryus3,tryus4, and tryus5. Deals vary but I plan to get some free Christmas cards.
Go to credits and discounts to validate codes. offers expire 12/31.

Marne said...

Nora: That happened to me to. The code was there one day, and not there the next. So I tried to add the code again, and it told me it was already in my account (even though it wasn't showing). So I made my book and when I went to checkout it automatically applied the discount.

So if you already saw the code there once, you should be fine!

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