Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free baby bib from BYU-Idaho

Here is a fun freebie I found today as I was reading through my current issue of BYU-Idaho Alumni Magazine. It's a free baby bib. The photo in the magazine shows a white bib with either a blue or pink bear and writing (BYU-Idaho) on it. Here is the quote directly from the magazine:

If you have had a recent addition to your family, or know of fellow alumni or family members who have recently had or will soon be having babies, please let the Alumni Relations office know. A complimentary bib will be sent from the Alumni Association. Call 1-800-537-2586 or email alumni@byui.edu (please specify gender).

Photos of babies wearing the pink or blue bibs are being collected for display on the BYU-Idaho Baby's wall in the Alumni and Friends Center.

Nora & Ashlee, I am thinking of you! :) :)


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Jenny said...

Yay! I'm BYU-I alumni and I just sent off for one for my baby girl! Thanks for the heads up. I found you on my friend's blog. Love your blog!

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