Friday, September 19, 2008

Digital Converter Boxes

After Feb.17, 2009, most broadcast TV stations will shut off their analog signals, which perhaps 20 million U.S. homes without cable or satellite still use. But Congress will help you pay the $50.00 to $70.00 cost of converting old TVs for the new digital signals.

From GOV site:

Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Coupon Program

The Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has launched the Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Coupon Program (Coupon Program), as authorized in the Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005. Starting January 1, 2008, all U.S. households will be eligible to request up to two coupons, worth $40 each, to be used toward the purchase of up to two, digital-to-analog converter boxes. For more details on the federal regulations, including the budget information, please the DTV Converter Box Coupon Program Rules.

It's not too late to get your $40 coupons if you need a digital converter box! The coupons look like credit cards, and watch the expiration date! You have 90 days to use them. We lucked out...RC Willey had converter boxes on clearance for $40 we got 2 free! (The only reason they were on clearance was because the boxes had been opened...the converter box itself was untouched.)

I have talked to some people who are confused about this. Here is the information of general FAQ's taken directly from the official government website. Please consult the above fact sheet to find out if you need a converter box.

If you are still not sure if you need one, I would highly suggest you request the coupons anyway. It doesn't are allowed two per household...and then you can decide if you want to use them or not. It's $40 bucks people! Don't turn down a free coupon to save you money!

Applications can be submitted Here online
or call (888) 388-2009.

One thing to keep in mind: Once the coupons expire and you didn't use them (or if you lost them) you are out of luck. More cannot be reissued to you. So keep them in a safe place!


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