Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What can you do without?

There are always things in our life that we don't need. Yes, it is true! Expenses that we can eliminate to help us save money and get ahead. It seems impossible or even unthinkable sometimes, but it is a necessary step if you are wanting to save more money.

For example, think about those seemingly small expenditures. Purchasing that cup of coffee everyday from Starbucks. Grabbing a Diet Coke at Sonic everyday at lunchtime. Making sure you have your weekly manicure. It all adds up! Spending $3.95 a day on a cup of coffee only 5 days a week adds up to $79 a month, and $949 a year! Think about some of the things that you do....whatever they might be. Add up how much you are spending and ask yourself if you could be putting that money somewhere else.

At our house we don't have cable, dish, or satellite. In ten years of marriage we have never paid for television. I know for many people that is out of the question, but we feel it is right for us. And it has saved us thousands of dollars!

This week I challenge you to look at your expenses....see where you money is going and where you need to cut back. If you don't already use a money management program, I highly recommend one. I use Quicken, and I LOVE it. I can see at a glance where my money is going. It takes some time to record things and keep it updated, but it is worth it. We always know where we stand. Even if you have to figure it out on paper right now, do it! Even cutting out one thing can make a big difference!


Holly said...

It amazes me how easy it is to justify things. There are very few things out there that are truly "needs" but it's so easy to convince ourselves they are. I've been working on this one and it's so hard.

Hey, can I talk to you sometime about Walgreens and getting the low-down on how to shop there? I haven't done it yet, but I'm thinking it's the next big step in reducing my shopping bill each month.

Tami said...

What can I do without. The thing I've had the hardest with lately is having a meal plan. So we have spent too much in going out to eat this month. Plus I don't like to cook when I'm pregnant. So I just need to kick myself in the rear and buck up! Good question though....I'm sure I have lots of other things to get rid of - I just need to think. Hmmm

Tonya said...

Good post! I know that we have "luxury" items that we could do without - convenience foods. Food items that can be made at home - popsicles, yogurts, bread, list goes on. We are really watching our budget with food costs going up.

Marne said...

So true! Thanks for the comments everyone...it does take effort but isn't it worth it in the end? Whew!

Court said...

Great post. My husband and I looked at what we could cut out and we decided to only use cash. When we were first married we used our credit card for just about all purchases and paid it off at the beginning of the next month so we could build up our credit before we purchased our first home. But, we realized we were impulse spending too much. So, we decided to go to cash only (won't even use checks or debit) This way when I go into the store I have to stick to my list. I have already found myself saying "no, its not on my list, can't get it." Which is a huge step for me. baby steps right?

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