Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A great reason to use coupons

Groceries are constantly going up in price! It seems like every time I go to the store prices are higher. It makes NOW the best time to use coupons. One of the best ways to use your coupons is to combine them with good sales and rebate programs going on at various stores that week. For example, here was my shopping trip tonight at Albertson's:

9 64 oz bottles Old Orchard Healthy Balance juice
8 boxes General Mills cereal
4 boxes Barilla Picolinni pasta
2 bags Chex Mix
3 boxes Curves granola bars
1 box Yogos
2 boxes Pop Secret popcorn
4 boxes Gogurts
1 Fiber One yogurt 6 pack

For all that I paid a total of $32.82......that is only about .97 per item!! Not even Walmart can match those prices.

The key to my shopping success was using coupons with Albertson's sale. When the items are on sale for $1.50 (when you purchase 10 items in a group) then I add the coupons on top of that, it makes for big savings. Plus, the Barilla pasta and the Old Orchard juice bottles were on sale for Buy 2 get 2 free....and I had additional coupons for those as well. IT ALL ADDS UP! I had a total of $18.74 in manufacturer coupons and $65.36 worth of store savings. I saved almost an additional $20 compared to the person who had no coupons and purchased the same items I did. Cool, huh!

If you want to start shopping this way but feel like it takes too much time, think again. There is a marvelous website out there that organizes the deals for you. They make up the shopping lists for you....they even match up the coupons for you and tell you where to get them, online or in the paper. No more searching and hours pouring over the ads. Pinching Your Pennies is the place to go! It can't get any easier. Plus, it's FREE! They spell it all out for you, but if you have specific questions I would be happy to answer them for you.

Here are some more helpful hints:

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i will survive said...

Marne- I knew when I saw you last night at Albies that you must have just had a great shopping trip. I thought to myself- HUM Marne's here what great deals must Albies have this week.

Court said...

I love shopping like this. This last week I went shopping at our Albertsons re-grand opening. So they were having crazy sales plus my coupons plus my savings card. I saved $170 bucks and spent 148. The manager even came over to check my reciept to see if the cashier made any mistakes!!!! I love saving so much money.

kandmfield said...

I went to Albertson's in Pocatello on Friday and they said they are no longer accepting internet coupons!!! (They just received a notice for it.) I was so upset because I had almost $20 in internet coupons! I still got a good deal on everything, but not nearly as good as I could have! Just thought I'd give you a heads up!

Marne said...

Thanks for the tip kandmfield, I will definately check on that at my Albies.

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