Saturday, June 21, 2008

Free Thomas Train @ ToysRUs

Free Thomas Train (up to $12.99) value! Printable coupon is valid at ToysRUS from June 19-July 5, 2008, in-store only!

Click here

IMPORTANT! Make sure you have your printer turned on before you click on the link, as you mostly likely can only access the link once from your computer.


The Boojes said...

Awww...I just clicked the link, and it says the coupon is no longer valid, due to an error! =( Thanks for letting us know about it, though!

kandmfield said...

My sister actually went to Toys R Us yesterday and said they used the wrong code, but would be putting out another one next week.

Shannon said...

yep, the coupon didn't work for me either. But, I did want to let you know of two things I'm sure you probably already know about, but in case you didn't - iTunes gives away free music every Tuesday. They have a featured song, but if you click "Free Songs" above the actually featured song - there is more than just the one available. Also, I just found out under the Free Samples section on they know give away a free song weekly as well. And if you type Free Music downloads into's search bar - you can find lots of free music there as well. Hope this helps. LOVE your site!

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