Wednesday, June 11, 2008

E.L.F. Makeup: 18 items for $10 shipped!

I know an email about ELF being bought out by Nordstrom is going around...that is not about it on, but here is a great deal nonetheless...

Thanks Leggs for putting this all together! (if you have any questions regarding the quality of the makeup or a problem with codes on your order, click on Leggs's link and read about it in the discussion forum on PYP.)

ELF has two codes that you can use at the same time: RADIO takes 50% off of up to fifteen dollars, and if your total is more than 10.00, you can use ECTAPDY to get free shipping.

1. Add eighteen items to your cart.

2. Enter the code "RADIO" (which will deduct 7.50) and the code "ECTAPDY"(which will deduct the 6.50 shipping charge) in the coupon code box.

3. Check out.

4. If you have three friends who might be interested, enter their names and addresses in the box that appears on the order completion screen and get a free gift with your order.




April said...

the website isn't allowing me to use 2 codes-

April said...

oh I will click on leggs link on PYP-

Marne said...

Did you get it to work April?

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