Wednesday, June 4, 2008

30 Free Things to do This Summer

  1. Go to the park with a picnic lunch.
  2. Send the kids on a color scavenger hunt in your yard.
  3. Make puppets out of anything you can find at home and have a puppet show.
  4. Go on a bike ride.
  5. Head over to the library and participate in their fabulous summer activities! (Check your local library for summer fun).
  6. Have a garage sale. Have the kids sell lemonade or cookies and get some spending money.
  7. Take a stroll at the MK Nature Center.
  8. Go on a color photo hunt around the neighborhood. Take pictures of the kids by each color you find.
  9. Go to a park with a splash pad for some cool fun.
  10. Attend a free craft afternoon at a Michael's Arts and Crafts store.
  11. Get free courtesy ice cream cones at Arctic Circle for a treat.
  12. Have a game marathon day: badminton, croquet, bocce, etc. The team with the highest score cleans up.
  13. Hike up Table Rock.
  14. Go to a free movie at the Regal Family Movie festival.
  15. Go for a family bike ride on the Greenbelt. Take a sack lunch to eat halfway through.
  16. Take a walk through Albertson park and see all the wildlife.
  17. Make these cool contraptions.
  18. Have an indoor obstacle course.
  19. Get a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme (only when their 'hot now' sign is lit up)
  20. Go to Barnes and Noble, head over to the kids section and play with the trains. Time the visit so you hit story time too!
  21. Listen to some free audio stories online.
  22. Draw some pictures and send them to grandparents.
  23. Make a treat only with ingredients you have on hand. Check this website to search for recipes by ingredients.
  24. Print off a free summer activity book for kids! Have some fun down time while they do the workbook. There are 2 books: one for older kids, and one for younger kids.
  25. Attend a free kids workshop at Lowe's or Home Depot on certain Saturday's every month.
  26. Make your own coloring book.
  27. Collect different bugs in your backyard and put them in a jar.
  28. Have a 'kick the shoe contest' on swings at the park.
  29. Attend a free weekend movie in the park on a giant blow-up movie screeen!
  30. Have a free lunch in the park (Google your area to see if you have this available).


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Heather said...

Wowsers... I'm so glad you shared the storynory. Hannah is going to love this. We have had grandparents read stories to put on cd and she listens to them while she cleans her room. These will be super! Thanks for sharing.

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