Thursday, May 22, 2008


I think I posted about BzzAgent awhile back, but I figured why not do it again? Especially today, so I can show you the package I got in the mail this morning. :)

BzzAgent is basically a word-of-mouth media network. They believe that word-of-mouth advertising is better than any other. So when you sign up on their website as a 'bzzagent' you become a member of the bzz community and are eligible to complete 'bzz campaigns.' When you sign up for a campaign you are sent a welcome package in the mail that contains a full size item of what you are supposed to test and 'bzzz' about to others, sample sizes to give out and coupons. Tell your friends...tell everyone....the more you 'bzzz' about an item the more points you get. When the campaign in over you can fill out a survey and form and you get points based on how much 'bzzzing' you did. The points add up and are redeemable for prizes.

I am not very good at doing the surveys after the campaigns, so I could probably get more campaigns than I do, but whatever. I love getting the free stuff. BzzAgent really has a good concept here....word of mouth really does work! And it is super easy. Sign up and they email you when you qualify for campaigns.

So here is my campaign welcome package that came in the mail today:

I got a full size Aveeno Daily Moisturizer with suncreen for me, several sample sizes and coupons to give out to friends so I can 'bzzz' about this fabulous product. Cool, huh?

Since I signed up as a BzzAgent a few years ago, I have gotten several packages like this...sunscreen, candy, even a Sonicare toothbrush and Sonicare toothbrush head cleaner! Now THAT was awesome! Don't miss out on being a can try and get some great free stuff.

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