Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quaker Simple Harvest

Nora sent me an ecard for this free sample...thanks Nora!

I do have to plug-in that I love these Quaker Simple Harvest products. The oatmeal is delicious, flavorful, and without all the normal sugar and other additives that other instant oatmeal has. And the dark chocolate chunk granola bars are yum yum! HERE is the link to sign up for your free sample!



Heather said...

Dark chocolate bars - yum... here they come. I love that you share all the freebies. How ever do you find them all? good work!

Marne said...

Oh Heather freebies were an obession of mine for many years...when Braden was a baby I spent a lot of time online 'learning the ropes.' Plus, I am signed up with so many companies I get tons of info in the mail and in my email.

ArwensRose said...

I can't stand the simply harvest oatmeal. We have 8 boxes from the last good quaker sale that will most likely end up at a food bank because no one here will eat it.

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