Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Boise Aquarium

Here is a great deal for those in the Boise area!

I found out yesterday about The Boise Aquarium coming to our area! There is an article about it in the Treasure Valley Family Magazine for this month, or you can read about detail HERE on their website.
If you have ever been to the Oregon Coast Aquarium or anything else similar to this, you will know what a neat thing this will be for our community. Not only will there we thousands of sea life creatures to look at and watch, but there will also be a conference center, birthday party options, and one of those wave simulator things you can get in with a wetsuit and ride the waves. Fun for all ages! Exhibits include sharks, sea lion, sea turtles, sea coral and much much more.

Our family went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium last summer and it was the highlight of our coastal trip. We easily could have spent an entire day there. So much to do and see. And it was well worth the admission price we paid, which I remember wasn't the cheapest thing on our vacation.

Okay...so the great deal here is that right now season passes to the Boise Aquarium are 50% off! I personally called one of the men in charge of this process yesterday. Chris Conk. His phone number is on their website. I wanted to know about purchasing these passes....what happens if the building process is thwarted, etc. He told me that they are finishing up the blueprint phase right now, and all things are on track. Worst case scenario, he stated, is that your money would be refunded if you bought a pass and the aquarium was never built. But that situation is highly unlikely.

I am thrilled at this opportunity coming to us! A family pass for us (2 adults and up to 4 children) for one year is only $54.95 right now! That is unlimited visits for one year. Incredible! Go HERE to see all the season pass prices. Not only is it a great deal, but you are also helping to fund their building process. They are using the discounted passes as their main fundraising. So go buy your passes and help bring this to our community!

One more thing to add. Chris told me yesterday on the phone that the discounted season passes will only last for approximately 4 more weeks. So don't wait!


Holly said...

We are so excited about this. Now that you've spoken with them personally, I'm more likely to purchase a family pass. I wasn't so sure before. Thanks for doing the leg work!!

Let Them Be Little said...

How fun!! Now we have a reason to plan a trip to Boise, since the aquarium here is kinda lame.

Kristan said...

Yeah!!! Boise needs some good stuff. We moved here from AZ and haven't found much fun stuff yet.

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