Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sketcher's Sale

If you like Sketcher's shoes, they are having a killer sale right now. There is a 40% off coupon you can use that is on their homepage. I saw shoes for as little as $6.40 shipped! WOW!


April said...

the other day we went to Ross to use Chay's Christmas gift certificate- he needed shoes desperately- so what do you know? we spent way more than the gift certificate- but he got 4 pairs of shoes for $75. 2 pairs of sketchers, 1 pair of Doc Martins, 1 pair of Steve Maddens. We were pretty happy about that- now I need to figure out where to put them all-

Marne said...

I love Ross! They do have great deals.

Tara said...

Maybe all the good buys have been snatched up... but again, I can't buy any shoes unless I get rid of others... dang! I'll have to wait.

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