Sunday, March 2, 2008

A safe for safekeeping

It is important for everyone to have all their important documents together and safe. We used to have a safety deposit box at our credit union for many of our important documents. What I didn't like about that was:

1. It cost us $15 per year.
2. The box was small so my 8 1/2 x 11 documents had to be folded.
3. I wanted to fit more in there, but couldn't (and I wasn't willing to pay more per year for the larger box).
4. I had keys to keep track of.
5. Having to go over there every time I needed to access something (about 1x a month).

Our solution was to buy a safe to keep at home. Easy and quick access. It cost $40 from Big Lots. (they have them back this week, starting on Tuesday if anyone is interested).

I love this safe because it locks, it has hanging file capability so all my papers that I want to keep nice (like birth certificates & car titles) can be put in folders, and it is fireproof and waterproof. And, I think it is a good price compared to others I found. I keep all my originals in this safe. I am making a binder with copies in it for emergencies. It's called a GAG notebook (Grab it And Go). Click HERE for more info on that. I know many people like having a safety deposit box at their bank. You need to figure out what works for you and do it.

Do you like your storage method for your important documents? If you don't have one, think about starting one. Here is a list of important documents to get you going:

Car titles
Birth certificates
Social Security Cards
Immunization records
Insurance policies (health, life, house, auto, etc)
Receipts for large purchases
Letters of importance
Marriage certificate
Property records (house closing docs)
Lease contract
Packets I have on each of the kids w/identification info and fingerprints
Legal documents (wills, power of attorney, etc)
Tax returns (at least 2 years)
Investment records

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Tiffani said...

thanks marne - i bought one today!

p.s. at albertsons they were clearancing lots of different candy - big Hershey chocolate bar for 0.39 and more. of course, i stocked up my freezer.

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