Friday, March 14, 2008

Paul's Market

Over here in southwestern Idaho, there is only one choice for doubling coupons. That place is Paul's Market. Click on their website for their weekly flyer ad and addresses and directions to their stores. In addition to the 6 stores in the Treasure Valley, there are also Paul's Market locations in McCall and Homedale, WY.

I have only been to the Boise location so far, and I know they double coupons up to $1 anytime. As for the other locations, call before you go and plan your trip to make sure they double too.

If you don't know, doubling a coupon means that the store will double the face value of the coupon when you use it as you check out. For example, if I an purchasing a box of Tide detergent for $9.99 and I have a coupon for .75/1, they will take off an additional .75 so my total savings is $1.50 off that $9.99 box of Tide. The same concept applies for tripling coupons. If you have ever shopped at a Harris Teeter store, you get that luxury!

Doubling coupons is a good way to come ahead on your grocery bill. Many times if you hit good sales and have the right coupons you can come out ahead and actually "get paid" to buy your items! Think food storage! I would love to have more options around here with doubling and even tripling coupons. We just don't. If you live in an area where you get double and triple coupons discounts when you shop, share your information!

**If you want to know if grocery stores in your area double or triple coupons, just call and ask if they have double or triple coupons days.**


Holly said...

Paul's has some really good sales! I love their weekly ad. They have awesome sales on beef, periodically.

Marne said...

One thing good about Paul's too is that they are a local company, so they support local farmers. The stuff you buy there supports Idaho!

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