Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One month off

I posted this on my personal blog, but I thought I would share here also since this is the frugal living, saving money type blog. Let's save!

Chad and I discussed some of our financial goals tonight. We are both really wanting to save more, and have less clutter. I am becoming more and more sensitive to clutter and unnecessary items as the years go on. It feels so good to be organized, clean and not a huge excess of "stuff". Do we really need all the stuff we have? It is ridiculous...more, more, more. And the kids are wanting more, more, more. Well, it has to stop. Didn't we just have Christmas??? Anyone care to guess what FHE will be on tomorrow? It is time to simplify our lives.

So, we decided that starting Tuesday, we are not spending extra money for one month. From January 8, 2008 to February 8, 2008 we will not spend any money besides gasoline and perishable food items, and a small list of groceries for my menus I am making (see below). No shopping. No deal hunting. No impulse ice cream trips to Albertson's at 9pm. No lunches. No eating out. No thrift store trips. Even no rebate shopping (gasp!!)

You get the idea.I think we do a pretty good job at being thrifty and frugal, but there is always room for improvement. We wanted to start small, with this goal, and see how we do. I am excited to see how much money we save and how many unfinished projects I can get accomplished around the house. Heaven knows I have enough of a food storage and stockpile of freebies and hygiene supplies that I can last for one month without adding more to it. The great part is that hopefully we can continue after one month is up, when we see how much good it did our family.

Tonight I am making up a menu list for this next month. I want to use many of the ingredients within my food storage already, and be more creative in my meals. If I have a plan I will be less likely to spend extra money on groceries or ask husband to pick up a Hot N Ready from Little Caesars on his way home from work.

I am a little scared, a little bummed, a little apprehensive. I really wanted to go back to Goodwill tomorrow, as last week I found a few awesome decor items and I didn't buy them I wanted to see if they were still there. NOPE! I won't go, but I am a little disappointed....although, there are always new deals, right?


Tami said...

Wow this sounds awesome! I can't wait for you to report how it went and if you saved lots of money!

Tara said...

It seems like that is what I have been spending (majority) my $ on this month! I'm trying to look more professional at work, so I've been picking up loads of clothes. But I think I've amassed enough clothes by now, so I can get back on track! Yikes! And that trip to TaiPan didn't do any good either. Eek!

Tara said...

Confession: I didn't stop! After this, Tami & I went and hit the Kohl's sale and I had to take advantage of the sale at Old Navy, too. So now that those are out of the way, I can be good :)

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