Monday, November 5, 2007

Emergency Preparedness deal

Here is an awesome deal I found on Pinching Your Pennies today. Even if you have already used Google checkout before, use a new email address for this order and you can still get it for $1.99 shipped! When you are in Google Checkout, it automatically selects the $8 shipping, just change it to the free budget shipping before you order. :) Happy shopping!

Survivor 10 in 1 Solar-Powered Crank, LED Emergency Lamp, AM/FM Weather Band Radio with Cell Phone Charger - 00064 - New Factory Sealed - Limited Stock!
List Price: $39.99 (You Save: $28.00)
Our Price: $11.99
Shipping: FREE
Total Price: $11.99
But here is the best part:
New Google Checkout Customers: Use Google Checkout to get $10 off your order! Offer valid for new Google Checkout customers only.
Price with Google Checkout $1.99



Tami said...

What a great deal! I'm going to do it. Thanks Marne!

Marne said...

It is a great deal Tami! I ordered two for our family. These are so much more expensive in the stores...this is a steal!

Tamara said...

Thanks Marne. I just bought 2 myself. I might give one for a Christmas present on Jeff's side! Great gift idea!

Tami said...

Can you tell I set up 2 new gmail accounts...I used Tamara for one. I looked at this post later and thought "Who is Tamara?" Hello, that is me with my new gmail to get a great deal on these flashlights!

Marne said...

That's funny Tami! I was wondering who Tamara was.....I sent up 2 accounts also! You get the best deal that way.

Chay said...

I just bought two and my mom bought 4- for christmas this year we are all buying each other stuff for a 72 hour kit...this was a cheap way to start- thanks Marne- this is April not chay by the way

Marne said...

I have ordered 3 so far, all at $1.99 each! What a steal. These will be great Christmas gifts! Now I had better order some for us....

tonya said...

Thanks for the great find - gift for hubby!

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