Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get paid to buy hand sanitizer!

Here is a great deal.
Purell has a new hand sanitizer, called Gentle Foam. At Walgreens it is on sale for $3.49. They also have a coupon in their EasySaver booklet for $2.50 off the purchase of one. (The EasySaver booklet is their coupon and rebate monthly booklet available in the store.) Combine that with the manufacturer's coupon of $1.50 off the purchase of one, and you get paid! (The coupon was in the Smart Source insert on Sept 23rd.) My store does not give me overage, so I basically got 3 bottles for .90 cents. Some stores do give overage, so go try this deal out!
You can't miss this one!


1 comment:

Tami said...

Sounds like a great deal! I just got some of the regular hand sanitizer.. one sale at Kmart for $1 plus there are coupons for $1.50 and $1 off. So I got 6 bottles free plus $1.50 overage! yeah!

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