Monday, October 8, 2007

Contest #2

Okay. I am trying to encourage more participation on here, if you can't tell.

Our last contest in August was won by Nora, who received a wonderful package of samples and other goodies! :) :)

For this contest, I want you to post a comment. Tell me why you like this blog and the changes you would like to see. Is there a certain topic you want me to address? Is there something you know that I don't? What is your passion when it comes to saving money and getting deals?

Everyone who posts between now and Thurs night (10/8-10/11) will be entered to win a handful of fabulous handmade greeting cards by me! :)

Let's get going!


Tami said...

I love this blog! You give me ideas about everything I haven't thought of - getting free samples, clearance schedules (awesome), how to cut costs... what more can I say? Thanks for all your hard work!! Topics to address in the future... hmmm... I'll have to think for a little bit.

Tami said...

Okay - here are some of my ideas:
1. Deal of the day/week (share best deal online, at store, etc - sale price plus coupon etc so we can take advantage if want
2. What's for Dinner? Cooking the cheap way (share recipes, freezer meals, ways to cut costs at meal time)
3. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle (list the ways we did those during the week to encourage one another
4. Bread recipes/muffin recipes - swap favorite recipes
5. Christmas gift ideas for neighbors/friends (cheap ideas to share)

bethany said...

ok - just so I can say I entered the contest...I love that you know things like when to buy stuff on clearance at Target. Never even crossed my mind that there would be a schedule!

Marne said...

Thanks for the tips Tami! Those are some great ideas we can address in the future.

Anyone else want to enter? :) :) :)

Tonya said...

I read this last night and have been thinking on it for awhile. Tough questions!

First, I like this blog because it shares great knowlegde on couponing and shows how easy it is to start or kick it up a level!

An idea that would be fun to do is to post weekly menus that coincides with the sales. Then people could put their menu plan in comment section. Making a simple menu sometimes leaves you in a rut! We could all share!

Gardening tips - I know your a big fan! That may be seasonal though...

Keep up the great work - it's a great resource for all of us. You are my mentor/hero and got me fired up about it! My hubby thanks you too!

tonya said...

OK - while doing laudry I had this idea come to me!
Ways for mothers to RELAX and organize a few minutes of quite time for ourselves.

janner said...

I will come out of lurking to just say that I have been following your blogs for awhile. I got your link from PYP awhile back. Anyway, I have been a penny pincher for awhile now, but still enjoy little tidbits and things in a more concise form.

I really liked Tami's ideas.

Love your blogs!

April said...

Well I am very it is just amazing to see how you thrive off of something that I long to be but will take a lifetime for me to finally get.

I try really hard for 2 weeks- cut out coupons, budget to the "T" look at every reciept...and then I get distracted and overwhelmed...the worse is going to the store with a handful of coupons and having a screaming baby- so then I hear myself saying "oh screw it" and leave the store...

So I wish I could hire you Marne to spend a couple weeks with me and teach me how to organize my life. I always go into a store and feel so lost...because I don't have a list or meals planned- I just don't find time to plan meals or psychologically I don't want to- or something...I am so not a "clark" girl...but the thing that I want to be like that...I do and I'm sure I'm supposed to be like that too...just was never taught I suppose

so maybe an organizational tip of the day...I like the meal planner and cost of the meal idea-

oh and something I don't know much about is what is a good price for something...I always bought my wipes at Costco thinking I was getting a good deal until I learned on PYP that you should try to get wipes for 1 1/2 cent with coupon and sale I bought pamper wipes alot cheaper yesterday and they are way better wipes...anyway so what is a good price for things..a list maybe

I really like your blog and I usually take advantage of it without saying thank thank you.

Marne said...

Time is running out....any more entries?

Tara said...

I think I need "baby steps" for saving money. What are the best tricks/methods?

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