Monday, August 27, 2007


Walgreens has a super rebate program every month. Combine these with coupons and other rebates and you will make $$ on the deals! Here was my shopping trip this morning:

2 Pantene texturize bottles (shampoo and conditioner)
1 Aquafresh toothbrush
1 box Contact solution
1 Rimmel foundation

Total at the resister (after coupons): $25.76
Rebate amount I will be getting back: $24.96

Total of .80 for all that! Amazing, huh!

Click on the link on the right, Walgreens FAQ if you have never done their rebates before.
Rite Aid also has a fabulous monthly rebate program. They are a little different, as you can do their program electronically versus Walgreens that is through the mail. Anyhoo, I will do another post about Rite Aid another time. No need to cause confusion!

I have been able to really stock up my food storage with hygiene items this way. I have around 200 toothbrushes, at least a year or more of toothpaste stocked and TONS of deodarant. Even baby supplies, shampoo & conditioner, shavers.....need I go on? It is nice being able to donate to the food bank, and the LDS hygiene kits without breaking the bank. It is great getting this stuff for free! A few months ago at Rite Aid I got Venus Breeze razor for free after I used a coupon, and I still got a $4 rebate back from them 3 weeks later. So I ended up $4 ahead. AWESOME!

These rebate deals go through September at Walgreens. If you would like to know the current coupons that go with these items to make the deal sweeter (like I got) let me know and I can post it.

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