Saturday, August 4, 2007

More fun ways to get free stuff and get paid too!

One way to have fun getting free stuff or making a little money is by mystery shopping. I have done mystery shopping on and off for the past six years with some great results! Our favorite was when I was a mystery shopper for Round Table Pizza…yum! We had free dinners at least twice a month for awhile. I have also done mystery shopping that involved Merry Maids cleaning service, and shopping (I got free socks out of the deal).

Here are the companies that I have done mystery shopping for. They are reputable and honest, and payment isn’t too slow. What I like best is that the money is deposited right into my Paypal account, except with DSGAI, they mail a check.

If you go to these websites and sign up, there is no fee. I don’t believe in having to pay for mystery shopping. After you sign up, they will contact you for available shops in your area. They go quick, so if you get an email saying there is one available, you have to sign up fast. Sonic mystery shopping is a big one in my area.

Each company has it’s own rules and how things need to be done. Read their FAQ if you have questions. It takes time to get set up and going, but once you do a shop or two it goes much quicker, as you know what to look for and watch for the next time.

Mystery shopping is not for everyone. I actually haven’t done it for quite awhile, as I have too busy. It does take extra time. But it can be fun and a way to get free stuff in the process.

Completing surveys is another great way to get some extra cash and do product tests. I have been doing surveys for PINECONE Research for 5 years now and they pay $5 per survey and $5 per product test. They are difficult to get signed up with, but if you can get in, it is a chance you should not pass it up! There is never a link on their website but usually on banners randomly on the web.

I can’t talk specifics as when you do surveys and product tests you agree not to talk about it, but so far in the past 3 weeks I have made $15 from Pinecone by doing 2 surveys and a product test. What is fun about the product tests is that you get $5 for testing it, and you get to keep/use/eat the product!

Here are some other survey sites that I like, and payment does come. I like Gang and Gang and Pinecone because they pay me via Paypal so payment comes quicker. These companies do pay! (Gang and Gang)

Vocal Point is surveys and a kind of ‘club’ that you join, they are always sending little coupons and samples to you in the mail, and there are surveys to complete as well. You don't get paid for this one, you just get stuff. Still not a bad deal! :)

BZZ Agent
Bzz Agent is a fun website that has an obvious purpose: advertising by word of mouth is the best way to advertise. You sign up for free and check back periodically to see if there are campaigns that are offered to you. Answer some quick surveys and polls to have more of a chance. I have gotten lots of products to test from them, I even got my Sonicare toothbrush last year from Bzzagent!!

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