Tuesday, July 24, 2007


After bargain shopping, rebates and aggressive coupon shopping for 5 years, I have decided to create a blog specifically for my deals! Lately I have had so many questions from friends and family...."How did you get that deal?" You have how many toothbrushes?" and my personal favorite..."You can really use coupons like that?"

I can hopefully answer many questions with this blog while having the info in one centralized location. Also, this will be a place for me to brag a little, and keep better track of all my deals and bargains!

Lots of my lists and information comes from my good friends at Pinching Your Pennies. Thanks gals! I was couponing and deal hunting LONG before PYP, but they have made my life much easier and deal-finding much faster for me. I hope they will for you too.

Here's to shopping! (coupon shopping, that is!)

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